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Musitaly is an English Radio Show distributed via podcast weekly.

The Best Italian Music
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Musitaly is a project based in the Republic of Ireland | Music License by IMRO Irish Music Rights Organisation

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    Broadcast Media
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    Art Director, Journalism, Author, Sound Desk, Web Development, Intellectual Property, Music Licenses
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  • About the Project
  • I have travel memories from when I was 3 years old, when I went to Switzerland with my parents. Then I grew-up and I continued travelling around the globe and every time I met someone abroad they always mentioned very old Italian music.

    Suddenly, I felt I had to do something and share the best music produced in my beloved Country with everyone abroad.

    As a young man I was a disk-jockey who played with vinyl records and for me it was normal to continue jockeying even with words. As a matter of fact, Musitaly is in fact a kind of game between the two words Music and Italy.
    I own all the rights of the ‘Musitaly’ trademark in Italy and in Europe, also I am broadcasting the show from the Republic in Ireland.
  • Project Brief
  • I registered the full Radio-TV’s format to the main Italian society of authors and editors/publishers in 2021 but I am broadcasting the show in the following mini edition:
    Five songs per episode which introduce both artists and songs.
    Every episode shares at least an interesting fact from the Belpaese.

    Musitaly should be still considered as an embryonic project. I have a couple of ideas in development. Stay tuned.
    This experience gave me the opportunity to deepen my knowledge in terms of European intellectual property laws and music rights organizations abroad.
    Especially for Musitaly's project I deepened my knowledge of the codes and standard of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI)'s Codes & Standards, IMRO (Irish Music Rights Organization) and PPI (Phonographic Performance Ireland) music's licenses.
    This is a radio project that I am running outside Italy. For the same reason I held the Radio Rana project and I want to avoid any kind of interest conflicts with my role for WRA.