Don't use pictures of myself without my clear permission
I don't know everything. But Everything I know, I know very Well.

Patrick Domanico

I Do Radio

You can easily find me online as Cocopraise

My name is Patrick

Despite my lovely Irish name, I am 100% an original Italian brain. Born and raised in the South of Italy. As a proper Italian son, I have been developed by Bello di Mamma.

Why did my parents call me Patrick? Well, I was born in dangerous circumstances the night between the 16th and the 17th of March. So, because everything went fine, they thought I deserved the same one of Ireland's Protector name.

BTW, I am 39-forever-years-old.

I speak fluently Italian and English

I Code

I Build and Run Web Sites.

Webmaster & SEO Savvy

I started crawling the WWW at the end of Web 1.0. Around the dot-com bubble. When people like me used to do everything online.

According to the definition of some dictionaries, a webmaster is a passionate person who can create and maintain a website by managing different types of web maintenance and optimisation.

It means you can’t build good websites if you don’t know SEO very well. At the same time you can’t work on SEO if you don’t know how to build a website very well.

BTW... The only reason Why I wouldn't use the word Webmaster anymore is because of Luigi (Giggino for frienz) Di Maio. If you are Italian, you know what I am talking about XD.

I am a Journalist

I am actually focused on Data Journalism

Journalist & Radio Scientist

Seek Truth and Report It.

I believe in free journalism and in the freedom for journalists.

I am an independent Italian Journalist.

Most of the websites I have built in my life were developed over the clouds watching out of the window,
dreaming something AWESOME for You

What I Love.
What I Do.

Web Crawling
SEO Savvy
Code Lover
Search Engine Expert
Internet Radio Scientist
Indipendent Journalist

HTML5 Addicted
Python Pasionate
Linux Lover
Data Pasionate
Online Copyright
CC Supporter

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Something Cool

I am my Portfolio

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Steps in the last year


Years without coffee and cigarettes

Let's Talk about Business

I am not a greedy person. My motivation is more important than my wallet. However, I will ignore any job proposal underpaid.

If you are an Italian Radio-TV or an Italian Newspaper/magazine, I will only consider job offers in accordance with the FNSI contract. And please, bear in mind my SEO skills + my deep knowledge of the internet industry.

If you want to hire me as an SEO Expert, please let's save time. I have ethics approach to SEO. I am oriented to future SEO trends and techniques rather than old ones. This is the reason why I never considered any job proposals that include link building schemes and keywords plans. We Can Make the Internet a Better Place.

If you want to hire me as a Chief Web Officer, let's talk about Business.

For any other job proposal, don't be shy. Please, feel free to contact me.

Based in the old continent