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Do You Speak Tech?

Do You Speak Tech? is a radio show that I have run for the first time during the 2021/2022 season at NearFM 90.3, the Community Radio founded in Dublin, Republic of Ireland, in 1995.

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    Broadcast Media
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    Journalism, Radio Presenter, Sound Desk, Author, Intellectual Property
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  • The idea behind the program
  • I wrote this radio format thinking about a simple concept. We live in what we can call the information society and technologies cover an important role in our lives. But, are we sure we know enough about them?

    Well, if your answer is no, you have come to the right place and listen to Do You Speak Tech?.
  • About the Radio Program
  • During each episode there will be interviews with professional and independent people who talked about technologies and how they affect our lives both ways… good and bad.
    All the interviews are available at Cocopraise.com and Coco's Socialz

    I own the rights of this format-radio.