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Radio Rana

Radio Rana is one of the first Internet Radio Stations developed in Italy.
I started testing (experimenting) how to broadcast online between 1999 and 2001 after a few years of terrestrial broadcasting experience.

So, what’s the story behind Radio Rana’s name? Well, actually Rana means Frog in Italian.
Since I love music, any kind of music, I imagined the pond like a tank full of all the musical genres and the frog that jumps from one music genre to another one randomly.

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    Broadcast Media
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    Journalism, Author, Sound Desk, Web Development, Intellectual Property, Music Licenses, Live Events, Radio Presenter, Station Manager, Art Director, Community Management
Radio Rana, first version of the website in 2003
Radio Rana, second version of the website in 2005
Radio Rana, third version of the website in 2008
Un Successo del Passato, Un Successo del Presente, Un Successo del Futuro

- Radio Rana Der Direktor

The format (music style) of the radio was as simple as ingenious:
Past, Present and Future.
More precisely a hit from the past, a hit song from the present and a hit song from the future.

The past hit song was any kind of song up to a year before the broadcast.
The hit song from the present was any type of song between 12 months before the broadcast.
The hit song of the future was selected by scouting all the unknown singers fromItaly and abroad

This recipe allowed us to broadcast a new way of making music by anticipating some trends since 2003.

Uno lo ricordi.
L'altro, non sai manco chi C4220 sia!

Some facts

Radio Rana had two studios. The headquarters was in Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, and the second one in Rome, Latium.
During its activity Radio Rana has organized and participated in different live events such as gigs and disco.
As a matter of fact, Radio Rana was the official radio station for the City Music Lab. National music contest co-organized with the free newspapers published by RCS Media Group and distributed free of charge between 2001 and 2012 in Italy.
Radio Rana broadcast live the main concerts from the cities involved in the national contest such as Bologna, Rome, Florence, Naples, Rome, Turin and Milan.

Actual status

I held this lovely project in 2009 to avoid any kind of conflict with my role at WRA.

BTW, the Frog, one day… maybe it will jump again. So, stay tuned and love yourself in the meantime.